Ashford Investment Advisors provides a personal level of service and manages client accounts according to their individual needs, objectives and risk tolerance. Investors are attracted to Ashford due to the in-depth experience of our Principals, our unique and proprietary business model, and our investment philosophy with a scientifically documented and successful track record. We fully embrace the philosophy of total diversification among both asset classes and individual securities.

Our investment philosophy is to first understand each client’s goals, objectives and risk tolerance, and to design a solution to meet those needs. Proper selection of asset classes allows for improved returns with lower risk measurements. We believe that buying companies with a low price-to-book ratio produces the best results of all of the standard ratios.

Our clients have access to investment expertise from numerous sources, and they choose to align with Ashford Investment Advisors for our industry knowledge and our independent status: we are a private firm with no conflicts of interest in the products and services we offer.

We take pride in being available and responsive to all of our clients in a very timely manner.

If this fits with your investment philosophy, please contact us for additional information.